hidding web-parts

n your url just append content=1. This will give you the all the webparts that are deployed. Now, you can keep deleting each of the webpart to find which one is causing issue ( ensure that you know to add the web parts back).

For example: if Url is http://localhost:9000/default.aspx, try with http://localhost:9000?contents=1





stsadm -o enumallwebs -includewebparts > C:\temp\somelog.txt

Then you can see the web part is listed under some <Web Id=... Url=...> XML node, i.e. you know the “culprit” web site.

hidding web-parts

SharePoint sql database transfer

today was need to move SP2010 db files from c: drive to d: drive

I have used



  1. need to take selected db offline – CHECK PLEASE
  2. or detach db – CHECK PLEASE
  3. выполнили команду

ALTER DATABASE persons_01_08_2012 MODIFY FILE ( NAME = persons_01_08_2012_log , FILENAME = ‘D:\MSSQL\DATA\persons_01_08_2012_log.ldf’ )

получили ответ:

The file “persons_01_08_2012_log” has been modified in the system catalog. The new path will be used the next time the database is started.


  1. остановили сиквел сервер и агент
  2. перенесли физически файлы базы данных из C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL10_50.MSSQLSERVER\MSSQL\DATA


  1. запустили сиквел и агент заново
  2. отключились  и переподключились к серверу, проверили БД – все работает
SharePoint sql database transfer

Windows Search Service in Windows Server 2008

How to enable Windows Search Service in Windows Server 2008


I found that the Windows Search Service in Windows Server 2008 is a bit hard to discover.

The Windows Search Service is actually burried as a Role Service under the File Services Role.

These are the steps to add and enable the Windows Search Service in Windows Server 2008:

1) Start Server Manager

2) Click on Roles in the left navigation pane

3) Select Add Role in the Roles Summary pane to the right

4) Select the File Services role and click Next

5) Select the Windows Search role service

Finish the wizard and now you should have the Windows Search service up and running.

Windows Search Service in Windows Server 2008

Ctrl+Alt+Del in RDP session

how to click Ctrl+alt+del in RDP session?

today I have a problem, my remote session hangs up and shows me blue screen (probably desktop)

no one can kick me off from the server so I decide to do it myself

what I need is to start task manager, save all my unsaved work and make a logoff

but how to do it in remote session

standard ctrl alt del show taskman from my local pc but I need remote

so the answer is

ctrl alt end


Ctrl+Alt+Del in RDP session

Creating a set of files

today was in need to create a set of files in a folder with names from a list (provided)

have made a ps script to do it


$File = “C:\temp\1\list.txt” # location of a file
$table = (get-content $file) # get content of a file in a table
foreach ($row in $table)  # for each row in table which represents one number

{ new-item “$row” -itemtype file -value “test” } # create a new item with name from each row in a table with type of item – file and text inside the file “test”
#get-childitem | foreach-object -begin { $count=1 } -process { rename-item $_.Name -newname #(“96813_”+$_.Name+”._filename#$count”+”.txt”) ; $count++} #

# add naming of file to file creation method
# foreach ($row in $table)  { new-item (“96813_”+”$row”) -itemtype file -value “test” }


list of numbers as txt (from which need to create a set of files)



Creating a set of files

How to open closed webpart

How to open a closed Web Part in SharePoint

When you click on the edit dropdown on a Web Part you are presented with a few options including Close and Delete. It seems that most users are scared by what would happen if they delete the web part, so they close it.  It doesn’t show on the page so it must be gone!

But have you ever wondered what the difference is between closing a Web Part and deleting it? When you close a Web Part although it doesn’t show up, it is still on the page and does whatever it is supposed to do.  For example, if you had a Content Query Web Part and closed it – everytime the page was opened it wouldn’t display but it would still run its query.

The million dollar question is, how do you open Web Part once it has been closed?  You can try appending ?contents=1 and get to the Web Part Maintenance screen, but that doesn’t help.

To open a closed Web Part:

Edit page (in edit mode).

Click Add a Web Part at the top of a Web Part Zone

In the lower right hand corner of Add Web Parts window, click on Advanced Web Part Gallery and options.

In the top section of the Advanced Web Part Gallery, there is a link called Closed Web Parts. Click on this to display all of your closed Web Parts.

To add them back to the page simply drag them back onto the page in your favorite Web Part Zone.


How to open closed webpart